Top 10 Luxury Gambling Watches
By Kunal Bajaj — April 18, 2013
Do you think Lady Luck is in your favor? Is taking a chance your hobby? Does a game of cards give you an adrenaline rush? Then look no further. We have pulled up the best gambling watches that give you the ‘License to Play’. These unique timepieces are "must have wrist candy" on the casino floor for that next trip to Vegas, Macau or Singapore. 

Here is our exclusive list of Top 10 Luxury Gambling Watches.
Corum Bubble Royal Flush  
Corum Bubble Royal Flush
In terms of Flush, a Royal Flush is a special occasion and Corum aptly depicts it on the dial of their special edition watch – The Corum Bubble Royal Flush. The cards follow suit and has an Ace on the top. The suit of hearts is specially chosen to depict the player’s love for the game. The seconds hand features a dollar sign acting as a reminder to the player about the stakes involved in the game. The cards are available in two cases, stainless steel and 18K rose gold. A version with diamonds is also available and the strap used is Black Alligator. The hour and minute indicators are skeletonized and make time viewing very easy and legible. Also credit should be given to the signature dome-shaped sapphire crystal that acts a magnifier of the dial.  The watch is water resistant up to 200 meters and has a diameter of 45 mm.

Price - USD 3,995.
Azimuth Roulette
Azimuth Roulette
Here is a watch that gives you the freedom to roam around with your very own Roulette wheel. Azimuth Roulette is a sure crowd puller for the fact that its dial features a working Roulette wheel. The crown is designed to resemble a dice and once pushed, the white ball in the wheel starts spinning and stops randomly at any of the numbers. Fascinating indeed! Apart from this, the watch has a spinning roulette wheel's spinning handle as the seconds indicator and fairly skeletonized minute and hour indicators making viewing time legible. The entire wheel is housed in a 35 mm x 55 mm stainless steel case and is shaped according to the wrist’s delineation. It has a perforated leather strap with contrasting orange stitching on the edges. Place your bets before this dicey watch lands into someone else’s kitty.
This timepiece is available for purchase at Chrono Watch Company.
Price - USD 4,500.

Azimuth Round-1 BACCARA

Azimuth Round-1 BACCARA

Azimuth Round-1 BACCARA is the latest ante to the anthology of Azimuth’s gaming-inspired timepieces. It’s a brain-child from the inventors of the successful Azimuth SP-1 Roulette. A fully operational scaled-down model of Baccara game plays on your wrist with a remarkably sublime timekeeping mechanism. The idea is based in four possible events in the game, ‘player’, ‘banker’, ‘pair’ and ‘tie’, and uses an Azimuth modified set of linkages that allows the pointer to stop recklessly at either of these outcomes when the push button incorporated in the winding crown is pressed. Azimuth launched the watch in six elegant variants, – a top tier, mid-tier and entry-level model featuring in both "him” and "her” with a more graceful, female version. The grand range of the Round-1 Baccarat flashes a diamond studded case and more than 1,100 VVS Top Wesselton diamonds embellished on the dial for a total close to 7 carats. The mid-tier and entry-level model boasts of a mother-of-pearl face and a flaunting bezel set with 206 black and white diamonds weighing 1.2 carats, which is absent in the latter. So if you are "all classy and game” this is the watch for you.
Price - USD 4,500
This timepiece is available for purchase at Chrono Watch Company.

Perrelet Turbine Poker Watch
Perrelet Turbine Poker watch
If you have the "license to play” and your idea of a rendezvous is with Poker then the Perrelet Turbine Poker watch is a perfect jewel. Perrelet has a distinct idea of the game exploring possibilities integrated with their well-known Turbine version double rotor watches. It’s an "all play” watch where the cards play a hide and seek as the characteristic 12-blade rotor is in continuous motion due to the wrist movements. The watch is offered in three variants featuring two and a half hands of poker. The Turbine poker is cased in a 44 mm DLC coated highly scratch resistant blackened steel with the crown recessed into the case edge. It is a certain novelty, may be not for every wrist but the right one knows "it’s worth the gamble”.
Price – USD 6,000.
Franck Muller 1250 Las Vegas Roulette Long Island   

Franck Muller 1250 Las Vegas Roulette Long Island
Franck Muller has come up with a watch that is complicated and yet cool. The dial of the watch resembles a roulette wheel and the seconds hand plays the role of the white ball.  The crown has a push button which when pressed starts the spinning and does not stop until the button is released, a unique feature that none of the other watches can boast about. The watch is water resistant to 30 meters and the diameter is 51 mm. The game of luck is housed in a stainless steel and comes with a black Frank Muller Alligator strap. 
Price – USD 21,300.
Bell & Ross BR 01 Casino Watch

Bell & Ross BR 01 Casino Watch

Bell & Ross bring the two extremely different worlds of aviation and gambling together with the BR 01 Casino Watch and have released it as a part of their "Instrument Series” despite the fact that the watch is based on a game. The watches in this collection are inspired by the non-timing instruments in a plane’s cockpit. In contrast to similar watches based on games that allow you to play with the watch, the Casino Watch uses the roulette wheel to tell time. The dial has three discs, the outermost disc indicates minutes through the green ‘0’ indicator, the middle disc with the white ball (the indicator) shows hours and the innermost disc that resembles a spinning roulette wheel's spinning handle indicates seconds. Although it’s a not a cakewalk to read time on this watch but it becomes legible given the aim of the watch. The diameter of the watch is 46 mm and the case is made of PVD Black steel.

Price – USD 23,497.
Christophe Claret 21 BlackJack

Christophe Claret 21 BlackJack

Christophe Claret 21 BlackJack is one of its kind watches that allow you to play three games in one watch, namely Blackjack  Dice and Roulette. Blackjack is the show stealer of them all. The lower part of the watch has four windows which display the player’s cards, two visible and two covered by a shutter. The upper half has three windows that display the dealer’s cards one of which is visible. A button at 9 o'clock houses a spring that activates the game making the 7 discs, on which the cards are printed, made of solid gold, to move. The side of the watch houses the dice game and beneath the smoky sapphire crystal dial are images of playing cards. The flip side of the watch harbors a roulette wheel that moves with the movement. The games are accompanied with sound of chimes that give you the nostalgia of sitting in a casino. Apart from the gamble, the watch comes in a 45 mm wide titanium case. The indicating hands made of synthetic ruby crystals act like a cherry on the cake. 

Price – USD 178,000.

Christophe Claret Baccara

Christophe Claret Baccara

Obstreperous watches is what Christophe Claret is known for, pushing the boundaries of traditional watch making, with every new model. The respect is maintained by use of finest mechanism yet innovative and mind-blowing functions and displays. The Baccara masterpiece draws its inspiration from the fascinating world of Gambling. The Dragon is a symbol of power, wisdom, and perfectionism also considered lucky what everyone counts on. The Tiger, symbol of strength and unpredictability. A limited edition of 9 pieces per style, white gold, red gold and platinum, doubles a miniature casino with three games. The set of push buttons located around the crown works on a specific mechanism and claims to have more than 24774 game possibilities in Baccara. But that’s not enough this astonishing watch also allows playing Dice and the very popular game of Roulette. The magical touch is the Chinese ideogram which magically appears when you blow on the dial. A unique timepiece which has games, secrets and luck is for everyone. 

Price – USD 208,377.

Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 Jackpot Tourbillon

Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 Jackpot Tourbillon

What happens when a game of chance and watchmaking precision come together? Out comes the Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 Jackpot Tourbillon. A perfect toy for the elite, this watch comes with a slot machine equipped with a striking mechanism. Although the mechanism is quite complex, it does not affect the legibility. A window at 12 o'clock reveals a row of three denotations and when the lever arm, covering the crown, is pulled, the reels start spinning and randomly stop on any of the five symbols. The hammer goes gong making sounds similar to slotting machines in the casino. The jackpot is hit when there are three bells in a row and chances of hitting the jackpot are 1 in 125. At 6 o'clock a cut off allows you to admire the Tourbillon with the golden Bridge. The watch has a four day power reserve and comes with a case made of pink gold.

Price – USD 625,000. 
Piaget Casino Themed Watch

Piaget Casino Themed Watch

Piaget Casino Themed Watch stands true to its name and is sure to grab you some attention because of its unique appearance. The watch is inspired by casino chips. The collection also includes a necklace. The hour ring of the watch displays the four suits (diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades) of a card game. The diameter of the watch is 38 mm and the dial is made of mother of pearl and has 27 diamonds on it.  The perimeter of the watch is studded with 78 brilliantly cut diamonds and is made of 18K white gold. The choice of contrasting as well as complementing colors enhances the watch’s visual appearance and looks very appealing to the eyes. A true mixture of Class and Elegance!

Price – Undisclosed.
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