The Top 8 Smart Watches in 2013
By Romit Jethwaney — February 11, 2013


Like the I'm Watch, the Pebble gives you alerts from your email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS and other accounts, but this device uses a low-power ePaper screen that provides improved sunlight readability and up to 7 days of battery life on a single charge. Even better, because of its low-power usage, the screen remains lit at all times, displaying the digital watch face of your choice. 

Pebble feels very comfortable when fastened on the wrist -- it's relatively lightweight, and the smooth edges maintain their distance from sensitive skin. Still, it feels solid enough for regular use, and thanks to waterproofing down to 50 meters (164 feet), it can stay on your wrist during laps in the pool (or in the ocean), and it'll work just fine in the shower as well. There are two exposed metal connectors, used to pair up with the proprietary magnetic USB charging cable (the only accessory that ships in the box), but the housing appears to be properly sealed. 

The Pebble is available in five fashion colors, including Jet Black, Arctic White, orange, gray and, our favorite, Cherry Red. Backed by Kickstarter. 

Price - USD 150.

Sony Smartwatch

Sony Smartwatch

Sony has been experimenting and consolidating with watch manufacturers for a long time to design and offer Bluetooth enabled accessories for its handsets.  

It features a 1.3-inch OLED display with multitouch capabilities and a 128 x 128 pixel resolution. The rubberised strap is comfortable enough, but if you’re using it during a workout session, then the sweat can make it a little difficult after a while. Like the iPod nano, it is also a clip based device so you could wear it anywhere else. It can be connected and charged via a proprietary USB port placed at the bottom. A power/sleep button is on the right hand side where you’d find most watch buttons. 

The SmartWatch is also compatible with a wide range of devices from Sony as well as other brands. The UI is simple and neat. It’ll take you a little while to learn the gestures for swiping over to the apps or the widgets that you install. It’s a pretty seamless process for most part, but a few of the apps like the GPS Maps take a little while to load. The gestures are nevertheless quite simple with a simple double tap with two fingers to come back to the home screen. 

There are plenty of apps, including ones for Twitter and Facebook, that show you the latest updates and posts. The music player app also lets you control your media. However, this is also easily managed if you’re using a handsfree with controls attached. 

Price - USD 150.


Meta Watch

The new Bluetooth-enabled MetaWatch will forever change how you use your iPhone. For the last year, an early version of the MetaWatch was available to developers and enthusiasts, and a decent-size community, particularly on the Android platform, has emerged.

Apple expanded Bluetooth functionality in a crucial way: text message alerts can be sent wirelessly to external devices. This paved the way for MetaWatch to make a big push to iPhone users, which it did with a Kickstarter campaign earlier this year.

The front of the device includes a large LCD display that can be illuminated with a front light, while the left and right sides of the watch each feature three hardware buttons. On the back are four pins that can be connected to a charging clip.

Widgets on the MetaWatch screen are selected through an accompanying iPhone application, which is available as a free download from the App Store. At present the options are limited: Aside from the obvious clock, the MetaWatch also displays current local weather information, personal calendar entries, stock quotes, and the battery status of your iPhone.

Price - USD 199.

WIMM One Watch

Wimm One

This android-powered module that becomes a smart watch when it’s inserted into the accompanied watchstrap. Over the last year, there has been several Android watches released, but the WIMM One just might be the cream of the crop. The WIMM One can work as an extension of your phone, but it’s powerful enough to also run apps. The WIMM Labs Micro App Store Beta opened only about a week ago, but you will already find 30 or so apps ranging from games, lifestyle, and productivity. I expect it to continue to grow exponentially. 

The WIMM One measures 1.26 inches by 1.42 inches and is 0.49 inches thick (about 12.5mm). It has a 1.41-inch (160 x 160) TFT capacitive touchscreen display, a Samsung ARM11 processor running at 667 MHz, 256MB of RAM, 2GB of internal storage, WiFI, Bluetooth, an accelerometer, a magnetometer, a GPS, and is splash resistant. It includes the WIMM One 330 Module, USB charging kit, and a black watchstrap.

Price - USD 199.

Motorola MotoActv

Fitness fanatics just may have a device with enough power to capture and motivate them toward greater performance. At least that's what Motorola believes it has created in its MotoActv. A veritable miniature computer running Android, this gadget uses GPS, Bluetooth, music, and Web-based analytics to further the goals of dedicated athletes.

To survive the elements and tough workouts, the device is both sweat- and water-resistant. The screen also boasts a chemically treated Gorilla Glass coating designed to shrug off scratches and cracks. You can transfer music files to the MotoActv via USB connection using the MotoCast software, which is located within device memory.

There are 40 different types of exercise methods to choose from, including Running, Cycling, Walking, Elliptical, and Step Machine. More-exotic activities can be found on the device, too, such as Gymnastics, Fencing, Martial Arts, Snow Boarding, and even Yard Work. When you're outside, the MotoActv activates its GPS radio for location-based data. An especially slick trick is how the device pairs with wireless stereo Bluetooth headphones.

Price - USD 249.99 (8GB) and USD 299 (16GB)

i’m Watch

i’m Watch is much more than a watch. It’s a latest generation device that makes the most of your smartphone. With i’m Watch you can leave the phone in your pocket, in your purse or on your desk.

i’m Watch communicates with your smartphone, showing you, thanks to its clear and bright display, all the messages you receive. And if you receive a phone call, leave your smartphone where it is: you can answer it directly from your i’m Watch, even on speakerphone.

Not your usual store but a treasure trove of hundreds of apps ready to be downloaded and installed on your i’m Watch. Customize as you like and add many new functions: leisure, games, office, useful apps, music; there is no limit to the imagination of the developers who work for your i’m Watch.

i’m Watch is the perfect combination of the most innovative Italian technology and a unique, unmistakable style. High-quality materials and excellent manufacturing standards make it comfortable, durable and attractive to see and to wear. i’m Watch is designed, engineered and built entirely in Italy. i'm Watch Color in aluminum is young and dynamic; i'm Watch Tech in titanium is durable and stylish; and i'm Watch Jewel in silver or gold is elegant and exclusive.

Price - USD 399.

Wryst Variance

Wryst Variance

If you enjoy colourful watches a new digital timepiece concept has been created by Ben Pritz called Wryst Variance might be worth a look. The Wryst Variance watch concept allows you to choose the watch face you would like to use allowing you to suit the occasion. In a similar vein to what Apple has allowed you to do with its Nano device and the range of watch faces now available on it.

The entire clock face can be removed and attached to an array of options other than just serving as a wristwatch. Pet lovers can hook up the digital clock face with a dog tag in order to attach the Variance on their beloved pet. Specifically designed keychains can also hang onto the watch. The clock can even put on a necklace as well as a money clip or sports enthusiasts can have it fastened on their carabiners. 

The Wryst Variance definitely has an appeal with its buffet of bright shades and digital functionality, especially since they follow suit with Apple's Nano being worn around the wrist; this too will have its takers.

Ventura Sparc Sigma MGS

Ventura Sparc Sigma

The Ventura watch company was established by Pierre and Yuko Nobs in 1989. In Ventura’s opening year, one of the first products "watch Flemming Bo Hansen” was selected to become part of the permanent design collection at the Museum of Modern Art "MoMA” in New York. Three years later in 1992, the same "watch” received the Red Dot "Best of Best" Design Award. Ever since, numerous Ventura timepieces have been granted international awards for their outstanding design. 

The Micro-Generator-System of the new Sparc MGS was developed to achieve maximum performance. Placing the MGS side-by-side next to the time-device enabled a larger and heavier oscillating mass. This array also permits the viewing of the mechanism from the top, giving the Sparc MGS its characteristic appearance. 

The miniature power-station sustains a state-of-the-art micro-processor and a 250-segments 12-digit liquid-crystal display. The latest operating system EasySkroll v.2.0 allows later upgrades, another first in wristwatches. The multiple functions of the SPARC MGS are intuitively operated by a single scroller. 

Price - USD 4,480.

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